Monday, March 22, 2010

Coif Progress - March 2010

Here are a couple of the coif motif tests that have helped with the colour choices. The honeysuckle is a common motif on jackets and coifs - there is even one on the demi-lune purse in Agecroft Hall. There are a couple of adjustments on this one, the side flowers are smaller than the center flower and two buds are missing. Also, in order to fit into the design, it has to sit on the heart. The spider web circle will be done with faux gold after all the silk stitching is done, so progress photos might look a bit odd for any of the motifs that need gold.

The pansy and strawberry. The pansy is from the original pattern. We will try to save leaves, strawberries and buds for people who only want to work a meetings, rather than taking the whole coif home for a month. So members, even if you don't want to carry the frame around, you can still put your name on a strawberry or a leaf.

Here is the mounted coif, thanks to Sharon. She had to add a strip of fabric because of some shrinkage, but you can tell by all the tacks it is securely mounted (Evertight frames for those who are interested)

And here is the first motif stitched on the coif - a tudor rose, which is another common motif.

And here is the coif as of March 22, 2010.

The coif and threads and a binder with instructions and photos will be ready for the next stitcher at April's meeting. Be sure and let Diana Paisley know if you want to take it home or if you want to stitch during a meeting - remember the room at Christ Church is open to us at 5 pm so there is an hour and a half to stitch before the meeting even starts!