Tuesday, April 27, 2010

April meeting and coif update

Thanks to all of our generous members, Diana was able to send 3 boxes of supplies to Haiti by Hand for distribution to craftswomen in Haiti. Take a look at the blog to see what the group is doing.
We've had some fun programs making needlecases, silk strawberries, and leaning to mount and frame needlework. Our May program is based on a cross-stitch sampler at Wilton House, an historical site in Richmond. June will be our silent auction. Members can bring in needlework related materials (books, stash, etc.) and it will be auctioned off to other members to benefit the chapter (things like paying for the instructor for our Christmas in August program and our free September program). Out with the old stash and in with some new!

Don't forget ALL EGA members renew at the same time this year. Dues must be received by our May meeting.

And for those following along with the coif, here is the latest.
Two new motifs have been stitched and added to the instruction book. This daffodil is based on a motif on the purse in Agecroft Hall.
This cornflower is a traditional design, although the base and shape are adapted to fit into this particular coif pattern.

Gentle Pursuits members, if you have any photos to add to our blog, please send them to Margaret.