Monday, February 1, 2010

The Coif is Started

Our January meeting marked the beginning of our Coif Project. Before the meeting we met to go over the logistics of the actual coif. Then after the business meeting. Margaret Henderson taught reverse chain and detatched buttonhole and how to use freezer paper to transfer patterns. Hopefully next month we will have some of the member motifs to post, but there will be some more test motifs, used for planning a silk order, to post in a week or so.

Margaret, Holly, and Sharon are looking over the coif pattern on linen and the motif tests before the January meeting. Here is the traced pattern. Sharon will take it home with the frame and set things up - can't thank her enough for that. She has costuming and embroidery experience so she is the perfect person to start the ball rolling. She will do some roses. It is exciting to see the pattern on the linen, looking quite different from the pattern on paper somehow, and imagine what it will look like when complete.

For those who are interested in working on the coif, please join us before our regular meetings, at 5 pm. Members who take the coif home for the month will need to get it to the next meeting, so the next member can take it home.
Thanks to Cheryl Christian for the photos.
Contact Diana Paisley for more information