Monday, October 28, 2013

October 2013 Meeting

For the Region Challenge for 2013 - to be auctioned off at the regional meeting/Fall SMART (Stitching Mid-Atlantic Regional Tutorial) Day on Oct. 18-20 in Virginia Beach - our chapter created this lovely box.  Many members helped with the embroidery and smalls, and Gladys Zorhoff created the box.  Nobody wanted to let this beauty go, and several people sent silent auction bids with the people who were attending the meeting. Everyone was happy to see the final product at the October meeting.

There were some interesting items to share, especially the Halloween skirt made by Dee's mother many years ago.
Lots of lovely Ta-Da items as well.  Everyone should note that it is dangerous to bring small items like beaded necklaces or small Christmas items to show at a meeting because many members threaten to steal them

We all had a great time learning to make flowers and leaves with silk ribbon. Thanks Catherine!

Gentle Pursuits members Lalli, Catherine and Linda enjoyed the butterfly stumpwork class with Judy Jeroy at the regional meeting (October 19) but no word yet on who ended up with the box. Stay tuned.