Sunday, May 19, 2013

Outreach Activities - Spring 2013

Robin Hegner, a teacher at Riverside School, came to our April meeting and presented her with all of our bookmarks! It was an impressive sight to see them all on the table. The school is very happy to have the bookmarks to distribute to the children at the end of this school year. Please continue to bring any finished bookmarks to a meeting as Bookmarks for Literacy is an annual project for EGA. We will be looking for a new group to support for next year, so let me know the name of a school or an adult learning center who would appreciate our handiwork.
Jean has beautifully finished the blackwork handkerchief for Agecroft Hall.
The embroidery and goldwork are finished on the coif and it has been hemmed, but the lining is still in the works.
But the coif did visit Agecroft Hall when the DC EGA chapter came down to see Agecroft and Virginia House. Hard to believe it has been three years since the coif started and all the hands that have helped get it to this state.