Saturday, September 15, 2012

Start of a New Program Year and New Beading Group

Our Program Committee has some very exciting activities set up for us this year.And we have a beading group.  And we will have a lecture in November and our Christmas luncheon is set for December 15.

September 18: Member Appriciation Program. Catherine wil show us how to make cross stitch completely reversible and beautiful on both the front and back of your work. Perfect for projects such as book marks, afghans, collars, table linens, cuffs, and coasters! We will cover how to work cross stitches in any direction and how to hide beginning and ending threads invisibly. Your coaster will be finished with the reversible Four-Sided stitch. We will be working on Zweigart® Biella fabric which is 26 count working over 2 threads.  Here are two of the six designs you can choose from.

October 16th and February 19th: the stumpwork acorn project. We have decided to use two meetings for this project - October and February! Cynthia will facilitate the October meeting where we will focus the class on making the three dimensional acorn and cap. We will be practicing on a larger wooden bead than the one in your kit. We will continue with the making of the leaves in our February class. Please feel free to bring your project to other monthly meetings. We will be available to help you during the time period prior to the start of the chapter meeting.

March 19th:a lecture class on the art form of tambour embroidery with member Jennifer Stumpf. If you would like to see some of her work, you can visit her blog at:

April 16th:“Let’s Go Retro” with iron-on transfer embroidery. Won’t this be loads of fun? To the right is just an example of what can be done

May 21st:Victorian beaded embroidery with Merry Susan. We will be doing something similar to the piece below, but it will be done on a printed fabric, not on canvas. This class will be a technique class. You will be able to finish your piece as you like.
We now have a Beading Interest Group (BIG) in our EGA chaper.  The group started with these lovely scissor fobs.  At the next meetings, on October 13 and November 20 the Beading Interest Group (BIG) will continue to work on our holiday bracelet. THey will explore the peyote stitch with the two-drop variation. The meeting is held from 9:00 to 11:00 AM at the Twin Hickory Library.

Here is the group in the Twin Hickory meeting room.

We are always happy to see visitors and new members.  You don't need to be an expert embroiderer, you just need to enjoy doing needlework.  Please see our website in the links to the side for more information.