Monday, November 14, 2011

October Regional Meeting - MAR

The Mid-Atlantic Region EGA meeting was held here in Richmond in October. As well as a business lunch, it was also the SMART Weekend so there was a wonderful lecture on antique needlework tools by Carol Meacham on Friday night and two great classes with Joyce Lumkomski to learn about beading and filling stitches. Gentle Pursuits chapter hosted the meeting and Catherine, Kathy, and Laurie, and many of our other members did a great job setting things up.

Here are Dee, Laurie, Kathy, Nancy, and Catherine at the Welcome table on Friday.

And here is Joyce with one of her amazing necklaces. Her fabulous fillings class was great as well.

Many people also made the trip to Agecroft Hall to see their latest exhibit - Woven into English Society: Textiles and Embroidery from the 16th and 17th Centuries. This exhibit includes many of the amazing textiles in the Agecroft Hall collection as well as the partially completed coif Gentle Pursuits has been working on. The exhibit runs until next year, so if you are interested there is still time if you are going by Richmond.