Friday, July 2, 2010

June meeting - auction and notebook challenge

Every other year, our June meeting is the election of officers and a pot-luck dinner. The June meeting in alternate years, like this year, is a silent auction and salad & dessert potluck. Every year, we have a display of the president's challenge.

So here is what we did. The busy table at the auction was the 2 for $1 table of patterns. Several people cleared out their stash of finished patterns ( and some unfinished, we all can change our minds) and rather than bid on every one or create groupings that might only have one wanted pattern, we let everyone just pick and choose. It was a great success.

We also had lots of stash of various sorts - materials, threads, kits, stands, frames, and more.

Any items that weren't auctioned off were given to various charities. And everyone was happy with their new stash.
The salad and dessert pot-luck was great. We had an incredible assortment of foods and everyone enjoyed the meal.
Finally the members who finished the president's challenge to create a cover for a small notebook told the group about their work. Catherine reminded everyone that you can still finish your cover over the summer and bring it in for your bookmark prize.