Wednesday, December 2, 2009

New Outreach - 17th century coifs for Agecroft HallEach

Gentle Pursuits will be starting a new outreach project in January 2010. Agecroft Hall would like some authentic embroidered coifs for their interpreters, so, inspired by the Plimoth Jacket Project, we are going to make two coifs. Our first coif will use a pattern created by Laura Mellin, which can be purchased through Reconstructing History. For the second coif we will try to reproduce this coif in the Agecroft Hall collection.

We will start in January by learning how to do the stitches needed for the Elizabethan style embroidery - reverse chain and detached buttonhole. Each member will stitch a small motif that can be made into a scissor fob or sachet.

As people become comfortable with the stitch they will have a chance to stitch on the coif. Really enthusiastic members who are comfortable with the stitches will have a chance to take the coif home to stitch between meetings.

Participating in our outreach project is just one benefit of being a Gentle Pursuits member. Hope to see you in January. (There is no regular December meeting - we are having our Holiday Luncheon on Dec. 5).